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Which region(s) do you target with your website?

You will only need to select regions where you intend to target visitors from. This means that your website does not have to be configured for ‘accidental’ visitors.  For more information; What regions do I target?
Multiple regions and specific consent per region is possible with GEO IP enabled

Which banner do you want to display in other regions?

With GEO IP enabled you can now choose which consent management rules are applied to regions outside of fully supported regions.

Do you target visitors from Germany and/or Austria?

Enables integration with DSGVO and Telemediengesetz. The German Data Protection Authorities have stated that using third-party services like Google Analytics for statistics always requires consent, even when tracking is set-up privacy-friendly. Refer to this article written by our lawyer for a complete overview of the requirements for the .

Do you target visitors from California?

There are certain rules that only apply to California, such as a requirement to provide a clearly visible link to the Do Not Sell My Personal Information-page. Refer to this article by our lawyer for a detailed explanation of how Complianz handles legal requirements as stated in CCPA, CalOppa, and COPPA.

Does your site have users with log-in access to a restricted area of the website?

This question determines if the Cookie Scan needs to be extended to the /wp-admin/ part of your site. This might be necessary if you allow users to log in to your site and maintain a profile.

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