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Why we use shortcodes

We use the below shortcodes for 2 main reasons, easy updates and translations.

Easy Updates

Privacy Laws, especially those still in draft, are susceptible to change. We provide legal updates for our plugin users. When updating a legal document in our plugin, the easiest way is to add the new strings or updated articles in the plugin. The shortcode will update the Cookie Policy, or Privacy Statement automatically.

This is the same for updating the policies, because you added a new plugin, cookie, script or anything else that should be mentioned and therefore updated in your policies.

A shortcode will take care of this!


We ship 6 different languages in our plugin. The Cookie Banner is linked with the shortcode, meaning the German version of the Cookie Banner will link to the German policy etc. This all done by our shortcode. Together with the easy updates, the legal documents remain updated without user interference.

Want to know which shortcodes we use or need one for a different configuration? See our shortcodes below:

The shortcodes

Important! The blue shortcodes should be placed within these brackets: […] to work. For example [shortcode]

Cookie Policy (EU)
cmplz-document type="cookie-statement" 
cmplz-document type="cookie-statement-us"
Privacy Statement (EU)
cmplz-document type="privacy-statement"
Privacy Statement (US)
cmplz-document type="privacy-statement-us"
Privacy Statement (Children)
cmplz-document type="privacy-statement-children-us"
cmplz-document type="disclaimer"

Gutenberg Blocks

Besides a shortcode we have also implemented Gutenberg blocks. Whichever you might prefer!

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