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Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

Configuring reCAPTCHA and Consent in Forminator

This guide explains how to configure Google reCAPTCHA in Forminator and manage consent with Complianz. This will result in a form that can only be sent once the Google reCAPTCHA service has been accepted by the visitor. Configuring Complianz We need to start by telling

How to set Google Tag Manager after Consent (and is it needed?)

Complianz is investigating, just like we did with Google Fonts and reCAPTCHA, what happens when an empty container of Google Tag Manager is loaded prior to consent and how Google processes this data. Our starting point is the below statement from Google regarding Tag Manager

WP Adverts Maps and Locations

As of Complianz 6.1.6, Complianz has integrated with the WP Adverts (Maps and Locations) plugin/add-on. Complianz will detect the WP Adverts plugin when activated and automatically blocks the following implementation(s) prior to consent: Single Advert Map (Ad Details page) Multiple Advert Map ([adverts_mal_map] shortcode) Google

Configuring Autoptimize with Complianz

Autoptimize and Complianz work well together and are compatible. It might be that optimizing, and minifying javascript with Autoptimize could lead to issues in certain configurations. This is not due to the plugins themselves, but the complete configuration of all plugins and your theme. In

About Data Request Forms

Most privacy laws give persons (or “data subjects”) a right to access the data you process about them, a right to request the deletion of the data if it is no longer relevant for you to use it, and a right to receive an export

Support dropped for creating a Cookie Banner with Elementor Pro

Need help with the update? If you need help or have any questions during this process. Please let us know. Read below the reasoning behind dropping support for stability. × Dismiss alert We have dropped support for creating the Cookie Banner with Elementor Pro in

Fix flashing cross on Thrive Architect pages

Note: This solution is no longer necessary when using Complianz 6.1.4 and upwards, as our Thrive integration now accounts for this behavior. Pages built using the Thrive Architect plugin might briefly display a cross (“X to close” button) before the page has loaded entirely. This

The Social Media category on your Cookie Banner

Want to know how to add Social Media as a category? Read this article Since 2018, the year of the GDPR, one of the most asked questions with regards to configuring a cookie banner is: “I want to have Social Media as a category on

Google Tag Manager for WordPress Plugin (GTM4WP) Set-Up

There are 2 ways you can use GTM4WP, or Google Tag Manager for WordPress with Complianz. One will give control to GTM4WP, and one will give control to Complianz, which will enable Google Consent Mode as well. The latter needs some manual configuration. For both

How to change your folder or file permissions?

Complianz uses the upload folder to store a CSS file for the cookie banner. If the upload folder is not writable, there will be no CSS and therefore no cookie banner. This is how you change the permissions with an FTP client like CyberDuck or

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