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Get compliant today in the European Union and/or in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom with the only Privacy Suite that offers a fully-featured plugin for GDPR, DSGVO, PIPEDA, CCPA, COPPA and more!

European Union | United Kingdom | United States of America & Canada

Legal pages

Generated by our Wizard

You start with a detailed questionnaire to generate your legal pages specifically for your website's purpose and targeted regions. This includes a Cookie Policy, a Privacy Statement, a Privacy Statement for Children (COPPA) , Processor and Service Provider agreements, a Do Not Sell My Personal Information page (CCPA), a Disclaimer and an Impressum.

Multiple regions

Privacy laws in Complianz are separated by specific regions. Every region comes with dedicated cookie consent management and pages. Currently we provide full support for the EU, UK, US and Canada.

Updates & Quality control

The pages are always up-to-date. New regions and updates in legislation is an ongoing process.

Custom templates and CSS control

Cookie Notice

Built-in Cookie Scan

The built-in cookie scan automatically scans your website for cookies and services. A regular scan will keep you updated for changes in plugins and cookies.

Cookie Blocker & Script Center

Block scripts, plugins and third-parties under our integrations menu. With integrated plugins and services like YouTube, Instagram and more, you're ready to go!

Custom CSS & Templates

Design the cookie banner the way you want, with different templates to start with. Need help styling your banner? See our CSS lessons under documentation.

Custom templates and CSS control


Tag Manager & Analytics

Fully integrated with Google services. Tag Manager is easily configured to work with our Cookie Banner. Both Tag Manager and other tools can be added by Complianz to keep full control.


Placeholders to replace content that is blocked before consent. Includes editable individual placeholders for social media and still images from video services. Check it out on

Records of Consent

User consent registration that respects the data minimization guidelines. Proof of Consent, without storing personal data. Or choose records of consent, a premium option for Proof of Consent users, read all bout it here.

Custom templates and CSS control



Integrates with Hotjar (GDPR Friendly), AdSense, Social Feeds and many more marketing tools to get the most out of your website, while respecting privacy laws.

Conversion optimization

Use A/B testing to get the highest converting banner. Test different texts, colours and position and the winner takes all, automatically!

Advertising & TCF v2.0

Integration with the TCF v2.0 to conform to Google's choice of consent management.

And more...

Awesome Support

Our awesome support team is ready to assist you with installing and help you during configuration.


Full support for WPML, Polylang, and Loco Translate. Premium comes pre-installed with 10+ languages*. English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, and Polish. Need another language? Let us know. *Some languages are available both in formal and informal.

Frequent Updates

We have consistent monthly updates with improvements, legal updates and new features. Bugfixes are resolved as fast as we can.


From beginner to developer, you have all the flexibility to adjust Complianz to your liking, from editing documents, CSS and adding filters and hooks. Whatever you need!

A whole new way of giving your visitors detailed, multilingual and up to date information about your cookies and used services.

AMP Support

Cookie consent on AMP pages.


Get ready for PIPEDA & CASL.


Release 4.4.0 features the possibility to link and generate your Impressum, if you're doing business in Germany and/or Austria

New Templates

Since 4.6.0 new templates have been added with more customization possibilities.

TCF v2.0

Integration with the TCF v2.0 to conform to Google's choice of consent management.

The Revamp

Complianz as you know it. Redesigned from the ground-up. Improved UX/UI and new features set for release 5.0.

Terms & Conditions

A new plugin. Although not related to privacy, it will be added by popular demand. Will be freely available in the WordPress repository.

Legal Hub

A legal hub or portal for all privacy related pages and actions on one page. Have a look at our demo.

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