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Join 800.000 users and install The Privacy Suite for WordPress locally, automated or fully customized, and access our awesome support if you need any help!

Regions & Documents

Regions can consist of subregions and specific settings for laws e.g. DSGVO, AVG and others.

Legal Documents

Drafted by our Legal Team. Configured for your specific webshop, website and service. Redirected with GEO IP.


The Complianz menus and legal documents are fully translated into 47+ locales.


Our research team is always looking at what’s to come and how to move forward, never missing a deadline.

Synced with Cookiedatabase to provide your legal documents with detailed descriptions for Cookies and Services.

Premium Support & Updates.

If you need help, assistance with an integration or need us to integrate directly with a plugin or service.
Ask support, and we will do an update!

Privacy for your Website Visitors


WCAG and ADA compliance is one of our top priorities, to make consent available for everyone.

User Control

Built in React, we’re getting ready to integrate with Gutenberg, Headless and React possibilities. Always looking forward.

Developed to be lightweight: Pagespeed, SEO, GTMetrix and Lighthouse, you name it. Complianz is fully optimised for Google.

And more...

Consent Banner

Design your consent banner to meet your website design via the Complianz settings, or build your custom HTML template. Consent can also be provided ‘just in time’ via placeholders that cover any content that requires the visitor’s consent.

Why choose Complianz?

Complianz offers the only WordPress-native solution that covers privacy legislation around the globe.


Compliance management should not be a cloud service. Complianz and all stored data remains on your server.

Our mission

Complianz aims to make consent management as easy as it gets, without making compromises on legal compliance.

With 10+ years of WordPress experience, Complianz is developed for WordPress and covers all common services and plugins.

If that's not enough..

Beginners & Developers

Complianz is developed to offer easy configuration and styling for your consent banner. Though if you are a developer with a highly customised environment, Complianz offers all that is needed to completely build your Cookie banner template and consented services from scratch!

The Professional Privacy Suite for WordPress
Starting at only 49,-

Everything you need, from a team of legal and development experts.

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Consent Banner

Legal Documents


Script Center



These languages and their formal or country specific subsidiaries are currently supported. Missing a language? Join our translation team.