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Google Consent Mode V2

From March 2024 onwards Consent Mode V2 is necessary to collect quality data under the new Digital Markets Act.


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How Google helped with improving INP for Complianz

A short explanation of INP, coming to Web Vitals in March 2024

Tag Manager Set-up

Our entry to the definitive guide when you’re using Google Tag Manager. For Matomo Tag Manager, please follow this link.

Cookie Banner CSS

You can either start from scratch or use CSS to do a world of wonders with our modular Consent Banner.


Polylang, WPML, QTranslate, Loco Translate, it’s all covered. Start here to get your translations working.

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A frequently asked question by new Complianz users is ‘Why is my banner not showing on the front-end of my site?’. Quite the disappointment if you have just fully configured the Complianz wizard and beautifully styled your Complianz cookie banner. Luckily, the solution is often simple.

Scans from third parties, that have a commercial incentive do not seek accuracy, but rather an approach to trigger a user to start using their product. This however leads to some confusion for our users. Read more

If you’re not sure if Complianz is configured correctly, or you’re sure some scripts are not blocked correctly you can start debugging yourself here. If you need help from our support team, leave a message!

You can edit the legal documents in plain HTML, a filter or using the wizard itself. More can be found here.

Of course! Most integrations can be created in our script center, if you want to use an example for an MU plugin start here. If you’re a plugin developer, please follow this article.

Most likely, an overview can be found here. If it’s not there, or you want to contribute to our language team, please drop a message at support. For active translators we provide free licenses.

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Our roadmap can be found here. If you wish to add something to the list, feel free.