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Consent Mode V2 – Now Live

With the Privacy Sandbox on its way, third-party cookies being faced out and the introduction of  The new Digital Markets Act (DMA), also known as Regulation 2022/1925, the year 2024 will shift towards a new approach in collecting data for advertising purposes. The Digital Markets Act is an EU regulation that aims to make the digital economy fairer and more contestable. Six big tech companies, referred to as ‘gatekeepers’, including Google and a subset of core platform services, are now held to specific obligation under the law. To conform with these new guidelines, starting March 2024, Google introduces Consent Mode V2.

What is Google Consent Mode V2?

Consent Mode uses conversion modeling, leveraging Google’s AI to address gaps in conversion data resulting from user cookie rejections. Modeled conversions are derived from data that doesn’t depend on identifiable signals. Instead, it incorporates information such as device type, conversion types, country, time of day, or browser types to simulate the behavior of users who decline analytics cookies. This modeling is based on the actions of comparable users who accept analytics cookies. The goal is to provide your business with extra insights, enhancing reporting, attribution, and bidding strategies. Consent Mode V2 is needed to leverage the modeling under the new guidelines, and when not used can cause substantial data loss after March 2024. The main difference is the addition of new consent states:
  • ad_user_data is used to determine whether the user gives consent for Google’s advertising purposes.
  • ad_personalization controls whether data can be used for ads personalization (e.g. for remarketing).

How to implement Google Consent Mode V2?

Complianz users that use consent mode without Tag Manager will be updated automatically. If you’re using Tag Manager, please refer to the Consent Mode V2 configuration instructions listed here:

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