Complianz Privacy Suite


Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

What is TTDSG?

As of December 1st, 2021 the Telecommunications-Telemedia Data Protection Act (Telekommunikation-Telemedien-Datenschutz-Gesetz) regulates the handling of

What is the EEA?

In our wizard we ask you some questions regarding the EEA. What is it and

What is POPIA?

POPIA is the acronym for the South African PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT (number 4

What is liability?

Liability results from a breach of duty or obligation by act or failure to act.

What is Force Majeure?

When an extraordinary event beyond the reasonable control of the parties occurs, which prevents one

What is TCF?

The Transparency Consent Framework is a collaboration of parties to optimize the monetization of websites, with digital advertising,  under the GDPR by standardizing consent technology.

What are Vendors?

“Vendor” means a company that participates in the delivery of digital advertising within a Publisher’s website, app, or other digital content, for example, Google Advertising Products.

What is CASL?

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation Requirements for Installing Cookies If your business installs cookies on other people’s

What is PECR?

PECR is the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. Their full title is The Privacy and Electronic

What is UK – GDPR?

The Data Protection Act The Data Protection Act 2018 controls how your personal information is used by

What is PIPEDA?

On June 18, 2015, the Digital Privacy Act received Royal Assent. The Act introduced a

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