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Leon Wimmenhoeve

Leon Wimmenhoeve


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Problems while update Complianz Premium

Are you getting this error message while updating?


This error is caused because there is some problem with verifying your license code. Please follow these steps:

1. Did your license expire

Check your account (subscriptions tab) for possible problems with your last payment or renewal. If needed, you can renew any expired license here or edit your payment info under the Profile tab.

2. Is your license activated?

While logged in into your WordPress Admin, go to the license tab of our Complianz plugin. Check if your license code is filled in and if the text active is displayed on the right side of the license code field. If this is not the case, try (re-)entering your license code and press ‘Activate License’

3. Is your license activated on a staging environment?

Did you test Complianz on a staging environment and then copied the files to a live environment? In some cases, this can cause the license to be filled in on both environments. If you don’t have a Plus or Unlimited license (enabling multiple activations with one license code) you will have to deactivate the license on the staging environment.

Did you go through the above-mentioned steps, but are you still receiving the error message? Please contact support

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