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WP Maps Pro – Google is not defined

Update: Flippercode has addressed the dependency chain, and from 6.6.0 you can expect a working integration.

This is a two part explanation about why WP Maps Pro when blocked before consent throws an error: “Google is not defined” and why this means you have to switch to another block method to block WP Maps Pro: either with the method described in this article; or by using WP Maps Pro’s own GDPR consent module (instructions here). If you’re using the free version of WP Maps, you can still use our Integration.

Why Google is not defined?

When you get the error: “Google is not defined”, a script fired that needs a Google script, or Google API call to work correctly. The script that has fired, breaks. Subsequently, the Google API is mostly called in services that rely on the API heavily, for example Google Maps. If the API fails, or the script that needs it or, is dependent on, is fired in the wrong order. Everything breaks.

In WP Maps Pro “Google is not defined” is just one part of a multitude of dependencies between different scripts loaded by the plugin. Based on settings and add-ons, the order, variety and amount can vary as well making controlling these scripts almost impossible when consent is involved. Which is the reason we propose below solution.

Your own integration with WP Maps Pro

To integrate with WP Maps Pro you need to do two things first:

Because you’re using a new, and stand alone content blocker, you must disable ‘Google Maps’ and ‘WP Maps’ under Integrations first. Then proceed to add the WP Maps Pro shortcode in our wrapper (if you’re using Gutenberg; try

Example placeholder

You can use the available placeholders with some CSS, this is of course an example to add your own styling.

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