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Javascript Delay in WP Rocket and other Caching and Optimization Plugins

Delay JavaScript Execution improves performance by delaying the loading of all JavaScript files and inline scripts until there is a user interaction (e.g. moving the mouse over the page, touching the screen, scrolling, pressing a key, scrolling with the mouse wheel).  This can be seen as lazy loading for Javascript files but should be used with caution. Always check your website afterwards, if you enable advanced options that modify your javascript files.

Excluding Complianz Javascript

If a problem occurs with Javascript delay in your caching plugins, this is how you exclude Complianz in WP Rocket. Based on the syntax used by your plugin, you’re looking to exclude the complianz.js and complianz.min.js files. Just add the word “complianz”:


To delay inline scripts, or when timing issues occur on placeholders. You can add:

Example from Complianz’s WP Rocket settings

If you have an exclusion syntax for another caching plugin or want to report a compatibility issue. Please log a support ticket.

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