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Change the recipient of Data Requests

Complianz Premium inserts a Data Request Form in your Privacy Statement, allowing data subjects to submit a variety of requests concerning their personal data. Please refer to our earlier articles concerning Data Requests, for detailed information about the types of frequently submitted Data Requests and How to respond to Data Requests.

Email notifications about Data Request submissions

Once a visitor submits a Data Request, a notification email about this request is sent to the Administration Email Address entered under Settings > General in WordPress.

Data Requests - Administration E-mail Address in WordPress General Settings

Changing the Email Address for Data Request Notifications

What if the Site Administrator is not the person who should receive these Data Request notification e-mails?

If another person in your organization is responsible for handling the Data Requests, you may want to send these notification e-mails to another e-mail address entirely. This can be achieved with the below code snippet, which we recommend implementing as an MU Plugin.

  • Copy the code snippet below
  • Change on line 4, to the e-mail address where Data Request notifications should be sent to
  • Save the file as a new .php file
  • Upload the file to the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder on your website to take effect (please see this article for instructions on installing an MU Plugin)

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