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Support for type = module import scripts

Complianz can block import scripts, recognized by checking the type in inline module script. For example:

How to block inline module scripts?

Complianz uses the type= in an inline script to alter its behavior depending on consent. For this module scripting, Complianz can’t change the type without breaking it, so there are fewer instances of approaching consent for this script.

  • You can’t use our granular consent type attributes, as explained here.
  • You can’t add the script with Complianz, because we don’t wrap scripts with type=module
  • You must use the script center’s option, where you can block a URL of a third party.

In the above example, you will need to add the script yourself. Then proceed to our script center and choose the desired category, with a URL we black. In this case I would suggest using ‘Examplebot’ which is most likely the most specific target in this script.

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