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Manually adding the Maxmind GEOIP database

Sometimes, when GEOIP is enabled, you get a notification about the Maxmind GEO IP Database not being downloaded yet. In the dashboard you will get the warning:
You have enabled GEO IP, but the GEO IP database hasn’t been downloaded automatically

This might happen if the server does not allow the copying of the file, the download times out, or your memory limit is too low to copy the file. When this happens, you can add the database yourself through FTP:

1. Downloading Maxmind Database for GEO IP Functionality

Download the Database here.

2. Adding it to the Complianz Privacy Suite

2.1 Login to your FTP
2.2 Upload the downloaded file to: /wp-content/uploads/complianz/maxmind/
If the folders do not exist, please add them to your server.
2.3 Check if the notification is still there
2.4 You’re done!

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