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Legal documents, Cookie banner & Missing languages



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Last Updated: 4/26/2019


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For issues with translations go to: Legal Documents won’t translate accordingly. For Polylang or Loco Translate visit this article

We will describe 3 configurations with WPML, using Gutenberg. The steps for the classic editor remain the same, but look a little different;

  • 1. Translating your policies in shipped languages (En, Nl, De, Es, Fr , It) (premium only)
  • 2. Translating your custom cookie banner message.
  • 3. Translating your policies in your own, non-shipped, language. (Go here!)

1. Translating your policies in shipped languages

Our legal documents are, as of the latest update, available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French & Dutch. Do you need another language, please refer to:

  • Translating your policies in your own, non-shipped, language. (Go here!)

Completing the Complianz wizard

First, you will need to complete the wizard and generate your custom documents. After finishing the wizard, new page(s) for you legal documents will be generated under Pages.

Translate your documents with the following steps

1. Go to the original document which has been generated.

2. In the right sidebar, under languages – select duplicate.

3. Check your new, translated document, under Pages > New Language >Make sure it’s translated:)

i. we duplicate the page because of the shortcodes used. Updates in legal texts and translations will be done automatically.

3. Translating your custom message on your cookie banner

When you change the default banner text, your new message is not automatically translated (ofcourse). To translate your new cookie banner message, please follow these steps:

1.Go to WPML > String Translation > Select strings within domain: complianz

2. Translate your message in the desired language > set to complete and Save!

That’s it!

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