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User consent registration

Registering consent for e-mailmarketing is not new. Opt-ins are required by many maildelivery solutions, like Mailchimp, for many years. They went unnoticed and unused for many years, but are now implemented more noticable since the GDPR became active. For many countries this didn’t change the privacy laws concerning e-mailmarketing and alike, it just shifted focus.

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June 30 2019

Most websites still not GDPR compliant

These sites are thumbing their nose’s at the GDPR in a serious way:  when you visit such sites, and check your cookies, you will see you’re already being tracked. These cookie warnings are nothing more than window dressing. The site is suggesting you can choose to opt in (with the marketing category, or by clicking accept), or you can still choose not to continue browse.

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June 8 2019

Difference between targeted regions in Free and Premium

The current regions are EEA (European Economic Area), or the European Union with GDPR and ePrivacy as their main privacy laws. And the United States of America, with COPPA and CCPA (California) as their main privacy laws. Canada’s PIPEDA is set to be the next region.In the free version, Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consent, you can choose between either the EU or USA. For the premium version, you can choose either or both (with GEO IP enabled).

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April 10 2019


Complianz GDPR cookie consent will block content from third party services like Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, to prevent these services from placing tracking cookies.

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March 17th 2019

Reporting Cookies in our Wizard

Since a couple of months we added the feature: “Report Unknown Cookies“. We added this feature to collect the most popular cookies used by WordPress websites. After collecting the data we manually complete and translate the descriptions so they can be used in the Cookie Policy. This led us to a new initiative in collaboration with SIDN Fund, for all to use. Starting with Complianz users.

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February 17th 2019

Our newest release is here: 2.1.4

We have just released Complianz Privacy Suite 2.1.4 (Premium). The Free has been out since february 7th 2019.

Besides the Changelog below – we are working hard on a better Support System, including more depth in our documentation for Free and Premium users.

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The Third Party block list:
How Complianz blocks cookies from third parties

There are a lot of plugins out there which offer a cookie banner. All of them offer some kind of customisation for the look and feel, or the message, or the type of dismissal you can use. So in what way is the Complianz Privacy Suite different from other plugins?

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Gutenberg blocks in Complianz Privacy Suite 2.1.0

Yesterday we released Complianz Privacy Suite 2.1.0. There was only one major new feature that stands out: the plugin is now Gutenberg block enabled, and is now listed in the block enabled plugins (as new plugins get added, the actual page might change) on WordPress.

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With the Complianz Privacy Suite your are also ready for the COPPA.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a law designed to protect the online privacy of children under 13. The law came into force in April 2000 and is administered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The COPPA was created to stop the rapid growth of online marketing techniques in the 1990s. With these techniques, children were targeted very specifically by means of misleading advertisements. Also, several websites collected data from children without parents knowing about it.

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Get Inspired!

Check out some of the Templated and Custom CSS possibilites in our newest update. Think you got a better one? Send it to and we will post it gladly!

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The new v 1.2 update is live!

Happy to announce our newest V1.2 update! With some cool new features. Check it out in this article!

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The EEA And Personal Data

You might have seen some cookie walls over the internet. There is some confusion regarding this topic. In this article we will explain you whether it’s allowed or not.

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Principles of collection of personal data: from legal basis to consent

There are a large number of companies that collect various forms of personal data. For example, personal data are collected by companies with personnel. They use this data for payroll administration, keeping track of hours worked, and so on. Or what about webshops, which collect a lot of customer data every day?
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Are Cookie Walls Allowed?

You might have seen some cookie walls over the internet. There is some confusion regarding this topic. In this article we will explain you whether it’s allowed or not.

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What is the CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 was signed into law by Governor Brown on June 28, 2018. The law is adjudged to be one of the toughest and farthest-reaching consumer privacy laws in the country. This Act which is billed to go into effect in 2020 will give Californians a new privacy right.

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The WordPress solution regarding the GDPR

In recent months, there has been a great deal of turmoil about the entire GDPR that will be maintained from 25 May 2018. Websites need to be redesigned to comply with this law. There are various solutions offered by parties, but many of them are not complete. Word dressing as well. The world’s largest CMS has come up with a solution. This blog will analyse this in detail. Because do you meet the GDPR by WordPress’s own solution?

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Google Analytics GDPR setup

When you want to comply to the GDPR without having to show a cookie warning, you have to do some adjustments in your Analytics area. In this article we will explain you how to do this.

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