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Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

How to Create a Menu in WordPress

After creating your Legal Documents with Complianz, they can automatically be added to an existing Menu (Complianz > Wizard > Documents > Link to Menu). When selecting “Yes, redirect based on GEO IP,” the menu items will automatically redirect the visitor to the applicable, regional

Responding to a Data Request

Table of Contents What is the right of access? How do we recognize a subject access request (SAR)? What about requests for information about children? What should we consider when responding to a request? Can we ask for ID? Can we charge a fee? How

Embedding Vimeo videos privacy-friendly

Hosting videos with a third-party service like YouTube or Vimeo is a great way to stream videos on your website, without carrying the server load for every view. These services are mostly free and come with another price, which is sharing your website’s visitor behavior

Support dropped for creating a Cookie Banner with Elementor Pro

Need help with the update? If you need help or have any questions during this process. Please let us know. Read below the reasoning behind dropping support for stability. × Dismiss alert We have dropped support for creating the Cookie Banner with Elementor Pro in

CSS Lesson #25: From Scratch Example: New Toggles

We built our new cookie banners for 6.0 with the idea to be fully flexible. A solid, minimal default set-up that complies with WCAG and ADA and has many settings direct available in the back-end, and fully customizable as you expect from WordPress. Below you

Google Translate Widgets

Until 2019 websites could implement the Google translate widget that made it possible for visitors to select a language from a dropdown menu. The website would then be translated automatically into the desired language. Although this is a useful service, there have been some severe

The Social Media category on your Cookie Banner

Want to know how to add Social Media as a category? Read this article Since 2018, the year of the GDPR, one of the most asked questions with regards to configuring a cookie banner is: “I want to have Social Media as a category on

Translation error sprintf printf too few arguments

This error might appear in strings with dynamic fields. The dynamic fields are designated with a ‘%s’, in the below example. These fields are then filled by variables, called $type. Both the dynamic fields and variables should have the same count: ( sprintf( __( “The

CSS Lesson #21: Stacking buttons on the New Cookie Banner

In Complianz 6.0 we have removed the hierarchy for buttons on the Cookie Banner, due to jurisprudence and privacy guidelines about nudging customers to your preference. Our previous banner has an Accept button, stacked on top of the other buttons. Our new banner has inline

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