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Divi: the contactform doesn’t work

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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Update: more information about reCaptcha and Divi

When you get the message:

You must be a human to submit this form.

it means you have reCaptcha V3 enabled in the form and the integration for reCaptcha enabled in Complianz. The reason why it doesn’t work is V3 is invisible, and we can’t add a placeholder like we do for V2. To circumvent this issue you can do two things.
1. Disable the reCaptcha integration under Complianz > Integration. Please read this beforehand:
2. or add a notice for users before sending the form.

Adding a notice for the Divi Contactform

The notice will function as textual context and a link at the same time. The link will accept all cookies and release reCaptcha from the cookie blocker. After, the user can send the form without a problem. The subsequent notice will disappear for users who gave consent. The example:
1. Because you can’t add an HTML field to the contact form, you will need to create a code module under the submit button.
2. Add the code (below)
3. You can change the styling and wording however you like
4. Save and you’re ready

The code you will need to add:

<div class="cmplz-blocked-content-notice cmplz-accept-cookies" style="text-align: right; cursor: pointer;">
Click here to accept reCaptcha cookies before sending the form.</div>

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