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Why can’t I reach 100%?

Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

Complianz Privacy Suite helps you to comply to privacy legislation in your region or even overseas. We created the Complianz Dashboard to provide our users with a single overview of the privacy tools and status regarding their WordPress website. The Dashboard also shows your progress in completing all tasks that Complianz lays out for you, in order to comply to the privacy legislation that applies to your website.

We often get support questions related to getting 100% in the Complianz Dashboard. One misunderstanding is that it isn’t possible to reach 100% in the Free plugin. However, both the Free and Premium plugins provide all necessary tools to reach 100%.

Possible reasons for not reaching 100%

In general, completing all tasks in the Complianz Dashboard will get you to your desired 100%.

The most common tasks are:

You have not completed the Wizard

The first thing to do when installing the Complianz plugin is to go through the wizard and answer all questions. This will get you a long way in the journey to 100%.

Please note: Don’t forget to press ‘Finish’ after completing all sections of the wizard. This will save your progress and effect your choices.

Changes in cookies or plugins

Complianz runs a weekly scan of your website. In case you added a plugin, or in some cases even when users on your website place posts (for example with an embedded YouTube video), the scan can detect new , which should be added to your Cookie Statement.

After installing an extra plugin on your website, chances are that extra cookies are set.

New functions in the Complianz plugin

We constantly add new features to make Complianz Privacy Suite even more comprehensive and easy to use. We’re not only monitoring developments in currently supported legislation, but we’re also adding more supported regions.

In some cases this means that a question is added to the wizard. We try to prevent this when possible, but in rare cases this may be the reason you dropped a few percent.

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The Privacy Suite for WordPress
Get compliant today with the only Privacy Suite made for WordPress


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