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With thousands of different configurations in WordPress and possible themes, plugins, and manual implementations, sometimes, consent management might break functionality. Start here to fix the issue.


Go to settings – enable Safe Mode – to stop the Cookie Blocker from working.

1. A script is not blocked properly

Complianz automatically detects the most popular services and plugins to integrate fully. In the wizard, you can specify specific services and social media to enable/disable integrations manually. Most heavy lifting is in the background, and you don’t have to worry about most configurations.

Still, you’re expecting Complianz to find, block, and release a service used, but it doesn’t appear to be blocked correctly. You can do this to find out why and how to proceed.

Take these steps

1.1 Optimisation plugins

In rare cases, optimization plugins will defer or delay Complianz.min.js, which breaks functionality. You can exclude ‘complianz’ from any optimization plugin; Complianz minifies and defers itself by default.

More commonly, optimization plugins will combine javascript to a random hashed file. That file is not blocked, as the hash is random. Also, blocking combined scripts will block more than just the targeted service. You will have to exclude the service from the optimization plugin if needed.

1.2 A technical approach

The plugin or service is now found and integrated, but nothing seems to happen. 

1.2.1 A plugin integration

If you’re having an issue with plugin integration, please follow this list:

1.2.2 Finding a script that needs to be blocked

Somehow, the integrated plugin is setting cookies on the front end, and now we have to find out which javascript file or inline script is setting these cookies. If you need help or find the culprit, please let us know!

1.2.4 A service

Make sure your service doesn’t have a plugin integration or documentation for context on our website before you proceed. If your service is enabled under Complianz integrations but doesn’t get blocked properly, there are two main reasons:
  1. The service is implemented manually and/or has custom development. If so, please block this script manually.
  2. The service needs additional integrations; below is a Google Maps example to explain the necessity.
Example: Google Maps
Complianz offers a general service integration for common implementations of Google Maps, and supports multiple popular Google Maps plugins. There are however instances whereby Google Maps implementations are not supported. This is due to the fast amount of possibilities, themes and plugin, let alone API’s Google can use to add Google Maps to a website. We have created basic integration examples here; If you are not familiar with PHP, please leave a feature request.

1.3 Feature request

The last stap in debugging is realizing there’s no way of implementing your service or plugin without or help. You might either contacted us earlier and we created your request, or you can do it yourself here.