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Using Region Parameters to view your Cookie Banner per Region

This is available from 6.3 onwards, our mid-summer release in 2022

There’s now an easier way to check your cookie banner configuration per region. Normally you would need to use a VPN or disable one region to see your Cookie Banner on the front-end, depending on the region you’re in and which of the different regions you would like to configure. Now you can use region parameters.

An Example using a Region Parameter

In this use case, our website moderator lives in the United States and bought Complianz to comply with the regions US, Canada & Europe. When see will visit her own website, the front-end will show a USA-focused cookie banner, subsequent cookie consent management, and legal documents. How can she check the Canadian and European variants? She can use region parameters as shown here:

  • (Default – USA variant)
  • (Canada – Can be either Opt-in or Opt-our based on configurations)
  • (Europe – Always Opt-in)
  • (South Africa – As this region is not enabled, you will either get the chosen fallback or no module at all)

Depending on your current region, and configuration you should use your own variations.

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Complianz has received its Google CMP Certification to conform to requirements for publishers using Google advertising products.