Integrating the Consent API with Contact Form 7

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Integrate the WP Consent API with Complianz and Contact Form 7 to block reCaptcha before consent. This is what you need:

  • Complianz
  • Contact Form 7 5.4 Adjustment by Complianz (Download)
  • WP Consent API Plugin (Download)

Configure the Consent API

  1. Download and activate all plugins
  2. Activate reCaptcha in Contact Form 7 like you did before
  3. Disable the Contact Form 7 and reCaptcha integrations in Complianz, under Complianz – Integrations
  4. Let the WP Consent API do its job in the background!

Configure the Placeholder

If you want to style the placeholder like we did in this example:, please use the following CSS:

For this to work properly you need to add some jQuery to your contact page. This can be done however you prefer. If you’re not sure how to proceed. We suggest downloading the plugin Header Footer Code Manager and adding below script as a snippet to this plugin and only include it on your contact page.

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