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Proposal to Add a Consent API to WordPress

Complianz integrates with the WP Consent API, a tool to handle consent communication between plugins and services in WordPress. If you have installed a plugin that supports the Consent API, all you have to do is install the WP Consent API, and Complianz will handle the consent for your website visitors. The WP Consent API is a proposal from Complianz and Cookiebot, developed by Rogier Lankhorst, originally proposed in april 2020. For more information about the background of the WP Consent API, please read the article below.

This article first appeared on WP Tavern by Justin Tadlock – April 3rd 2020

On Wednesday, Garret Hyder announced a feature proposal for a WordPress Consent API. The proposal is one step on the larger privacy roadmap for core. If merged into WordPress, it would establish a standard method for core, plugins, and themes to obtain consent for various privacy-related features. The idea is to create a consistent experience for developers, site administrators, and site visitors.

The WP Consent API plugin is available via the WordPress plugin directory. Development is currently happening on the plugin’s GitHub repository.

Hyder identified several areas in which an API for handling consent could help in bringing a site into compliance with various privacy laws:

  • Consent management plugins cannot prevent other plugins from placing a PHP cookie.
  • Plugins that integrate tracking code on the client-side could break the site if blocked by a consent management plugin.
  • Minified URLs in JavaScript files may not be detected by automatic blocking scripts.
  • Using a blocking approach to handle privacy requires a list of all types of URLs when dealing with cookies and other types of tracking.

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