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Integration with FooGallery

FooGallery is a WordPress plugin that allows for the creation of elegant, responsive galleries and grids with images and video’s. Complianz integrates with the FooGallery

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Reload after Consent

As Complianz unblocks scripts dynamically with JavaScript, in most cases, it won’t be necessary to reload the page after obtaining consent. But there are some

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Overriding the GEO IP header

Complianz contains GEO IP functionality to display the ‘correct’ type of Cookie Banner, either opt-in or opt-out, based on the region from which a visitor

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Integration with Woodmart Google Maps

An integration with the WoodMart theme Google Maps is available as an MU Plugin on GitHub: This integration blocks the Maps API and the

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Integration with Leaflet Maps

An integration between Complianz and the Leaflet Map plugin is available as MU Plugin on GitHub: For step-by-step instructions on the installation of MU

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Integration with Google Maps

An integration with Google Maps (also known as 10WebMapBuilder) is available as an MU Plugin on GitHub: This integration blocks the Maps API

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You can install the free version in your WordPress dashboard under Plugins > Add new > and search for Complianz. If you want to install the premium version, you will need to download the .zip file from your account on or use the link in the purchase confirmation by e-mail.

After downloading the .zip, you can upload the file under Plugins > Add new > Upload. Here you can enter your license key and use our premium plugin. The free settings will be applied to your premium plugin and deactivated afterward automatically.

Styling your Cookie Notice is easiest when you follow our weekly CSS lessons, which will give you a quick overview of the possibilities and popular CSS properties you might want to use.

The cookie policies in Complianz are connected to A community-driven initiative from Complianz and backed by the SIDN Fund to create transparency in the usage of cookies and tracking scripts. The cookies and their descriptions are carefully moderated by the community and are growing exponentially, creating the most reliable source of tracking information online.

You might want to replace our default placeholders. Please read this article to know precisely how to proceed. It’s nothing more than overwriting an image file!

We wrote an article on how to edit your legal documents, but in short, you can edit your documents by unsyncing the policies in the settings of your page at the right-hand side of your editor.

You have reached 99%, but can’t reach 100%? Or maybe a notification is too stubborn to move. Please let us know by exporting your settings and logging a support ticket. We will help you out!

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