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Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

Still cookies? Find the Javascript that sets cookies before consent

Finding out which script or API is setting can be a struggle. In some cases, the culprit isn’t an obvious, logically named javascript like: recaptcha.js or an API with the URL: It might be hidden in a combined script from a page builder, for

Elementor Background Video

Some integrations are too intrusive to ship by default with Complianz. For these situations and other situations, like specific Google Maps integrations, we have a dedicated Integrations Hub. One example is the Elementor Video Background. Although possible to block a YouTube background before loading, it will

Configure Adobe Typekit (Fonts) for GDPR

Using Adobe Typekit (Fonts) on your website results in a connection to the Adobe CDN to request and download font files and CSS assets. The Adobe CDN operates from the United States. As this connection results in personal data (IP addresses) being transmitted to the United

October 14th: Vulnerability Patched in Complianz

About the Authenticated SQL Injection Vulnerability In short, an Authenticated SQL Injection is fixed in the latest Complianz update for both Free and Premium last week. We advice to keep your plugins updated, and read below for more information. What happened? We received a report

Google Fonts and GDPR: Does it work?

Update: 20/1/2022 – The German Court has declared Google Fonts is not in compliance with GDPR/DSGVO Update: 1/6/2022 – In recent months Google has updated their explanation and terms of using Google Fonts; which can be found under: “What does using the Google Fonts API

Minimum PHP version Updated to 7.2

Complianz will deprecate any PHP version lower than 7.2. It will start in 6.3.0 with GEOIP and make its way through most features, free or premium. In the near future, backward compatibility from 5.6 to 8+ will be an unfeasible task regarding further development and

Set your own Cookie based on a (custom) Consent Category

In this example, we will set a cookie for a partner website that is looking for a cookie on the root domain to enable or disable their marketing scripts. We will use the real-life use case for websites that embed content from the watchmaker Rolex.

Using Region Parameters to view your Cookie Banner per Region

This is available from 6.3 onwards, our mid-summer release in 2022 There’s now an easier way to check your cookie banner configuration per region. Normally you would need to use a VPN or disable one region to see your Cookie Banner on the front-end, depending

CSS Lesson #29: Manage Consent Button

This is available from 6.3 onwards, our mid-summer release in 2022 The manage consent button has been an ongoing topic of questions surrounding visibility and styling.  We have introduced new options for visibility. You can find a selection of styling articles below. New options for

Google’s EU User Consent Policy Requirements

This article will explain and provide three solutions when you get an email from Google stating the following or similar: Our policy review indicates that while the site(s)/app(s) below contain a consent notice, the text of this does not meet the requirements of our policy

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