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Using a ‘simple’ banner with Google Tag Manager

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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Using Tag Manager with Complianz required a Category Banner, until now!

When you activate Tag Manager through the wizard, Complianz will by default enable the category banner so you can set up each tag to fire per category. If you don’t want to use categories and just want a simple banner as shown below. You will need to make a little change.

As with the category banner, a custom event is fired immediately to set essential services, cookies and anonymized statistics. For example: Anonymized Google Analytics*

This custom event is called: cmplz_event_functional and should be added as a trigger for your essential tags.

*Anonymized statistics cannot be fired without consent in The United Kingdom.

To fire non-essentials services like a Facebook Pixel the user needs to consent by clicking the “Accept” button on the cookie banner. When consent is registered, a new custom event is triggered called: cmplz_event_all

For tags containing these non-essentials, please use above trigger to load when consent is registered.

That’s all. For more about Complianz and Tag Manager visit this article.

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  1. Where can I find anything on your page regarding integration with Contact Form 7? I have activated Contact Form 7 integration but my contact form doesn’t show any GDPR consent checkbox. I have spend hours trying to find anything on the net. Please add a “How to” on your website. This feature is really totally disregarded by you guys. Thanks!

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