Configure Google Analytics for the CCPA

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Our plugin assists in different ways to comply with the CCPA, but you also have to do some aspects yourself. This includes setting up several aspects within your Google Analytics. While these are not (currently) as strict as the GDPR, but it has to be done.

Step 1: Make sure that Google Analytics is included in your DNSMPI

Within the CCPA, you have to inform users about which cookies are used. You do this on your DNSMPI (Do Not Sell My Personal Information) / Opt-out Preferences page.

Make sure you indicate what activities you perform within Google Analytics, under Wizard > Consent > Statistics. For example, is Google allowed to use the data for other Google services?

Analytics for CCPA - Analytics configuration questions

Share data

Within Google Analytics, a lot is being shared with other Google services, such as Google Adwords, Google Optimizer etc. You also need to mention this if you have enabled this. Disabling can be done under Admin > Account Settings > Data Sharing Settings.

Analytics for CCPA - Data sharing settings

User ID Function

Within Google Analytics, there is also an option that tracks the surfing behavior of different devices and keeps track of the number of sessions. You should also describe this on your DNSMPI/Opt-out Preferences page if you have enabled this.

You can use the following method to check if you’re currently using this (you can also disable it here): Admin > Property Settings > Tracking Info > User ID.

Analytics for CCPA - User ID settings

Sharing for advertising purposes

Google Analytics also shares data for advertising purposes, such as Remarketing. Do you do Remarketing? Make sure to state this on your DNSMPI/Opt-out Preferences page. If you don’t want to do this, uncheck it on the next page: Admin > Tracking Info > Data Collection.

Analytics for CCPA - Disable Data Sharing

Step 2: Sign a service providing agreement with Google

Service providing agreements are an important part of the CCPA. You will also need to sign one with Google Analytics. These can be found here:
Account Settings > Data Processing Agreement > Review Amendment.

Analytics for CCPA - Data Processing Terms

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Dr. Mathieu Paapst

Dr. Mathieu Paapst

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