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Migrate JS Deprecated in Complianz 7.0

The javascript file ‘migrate.js’ was used during the update between Complianz 5.0 and 6.0 to transition between new hooks and events, to make sure the update runs smoothly. An example would also be the CSS classes used by the cookie banner and documents, where .cc-window is mapped to the current .cmplz-cookiebanner.

If you’re still using legacy code, please make sure to switch over. The javascript file will be be removed in Complianz 7.0.

Am I using Migrate.js?

Go to Complianz settings – and enable Advanced features

Proceed to the Advanced features block, quickly available on the left-hand menu

Check to see if the option is enabled. If it is not you’re OK. If it is enabled, it doesn’t mean you’re actually need it.

You can momentarily disable this option, and see if everything works correctly. If so, you can update accordingly, if not please remove your legacy code that is preventing it to work. You can ask support for help if needed.

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