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Changing the read more URL on the cookie banner

One frequently asked question is how to change the Read More or Cookie Policy URL on the Complianz cookie banner.

1. Documents generated by Complianz

Needless to say, we recommend to generate your legal documents with Complianz, to keep them up-to-date with legal obligations at all times. By default, Complianz will generate your legal documents at URLs like /cookie-policy-eu. You can change the URL after generating the page with Complianz, by navigating to WordPress -> Pages -> [the name of the legal document].

Here you can change the URL, just like you would with any other post or page:


2. Custom pages or external URLs

Complianz also allows you to refer to an existing legal document, written by your legal council or partly compiled with Complianz shortcodes. This way you can select an existing page within your WordPress installation, or in some cases an URL to for example a corporate Privacy Statement, not published within your WordPress installation. Please refer to the below screenshot for the possible different configurations:

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