Configure Google Analytics 4 for GDPR

Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

For the legacy Google Analytics dashboard, please follow this article. Have your Google Analytics 4 Dashboard ready and you’re done in 3 minutes!

Step 1. Anonymizing IP Address

Complianz will anonymize IP addresses for you as long as you check all three checkboxes during statistics configuration in the wizard.

If you’re not using Complianz to add your G-MEASUREMENT_ID, please follow this article and adjust the following line:

Step 2. Default Reporting Identity & Location

Under your Properties admin settings, find the menu item “Default Reporting Identity” and switch to “Device -based”

Under Data Collection, disable “Granular location and device data collection”

Step 3. Advanced features & Google Signals

To disallow Google Signals and Advanced Features for Ads Personalization in your own implementation you can add the below lines to your gtag.js:

Or from your Google Analytics 4 dashboard please do the following;

Under “Data Settings” – “Data collections” do not enable anything, but disallow Ads Personalization under “Advanced Settings to Allow for Ads Personalization”

Step 4. Linking other Google Products

Remove any linked products if available.

Step 5. Signing Data Processing Terms

Go to your Account settings, which will affect all underlying properties. Review the Data Processing Amendment and Agree to the terms, creating a processing agreement between you and Google. Unselect all checkboxes to stop sharing data between other Google Products, and blocking access to your dashboard for any reason.

data sharing settings

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