Integration with ChurchThemes Google Maps

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An integration between Complianz and Google Maps in ChurchThemes’ Saved theme is available as an MU Plugin on GitHub:

This integration blocks the Maps API and the ChurchThemes script that depends on it, prior to consent from the website visitor.

For instructions on the installation of an MU Plugin, please see our earlier article: Adding filters with MU Plugins. Quick & Easy


  • Upload the integration file “churchthemes-gmaps.php” to the folder /wp-content/mu-plugins/

By default, a placeholder will be added to the Google Map in the Widget section of the Saved theme.

ChurchThemes - Google Map Blocked with Placeholder

The class to add the placeholder can be changed, by adjusting the class on line 20 of the integration file (churchthemes-gmaps.php).

Change ‘ctfw-google-map’ to the ID or class where the placeholder should be inserted instead.

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