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Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.

Integration with Leaflet Maps

An integration between Complianz and the Leaflet Map plugin is available as MU Plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/Really-Simple-Plugins/complianz-integrations/blob/master/Google%20Maps/leaflet-maps.php For step-by-step instructions on the installation of MU Plugins, please see our earlier article: Adding filters with MU Plugins. Quick & Easy Configuration Activate the Leaflet Map plugin

Integration with 10web.io Google Maps

An integration with 10web.io Google Maps (also known as 10WebMapBuilder) is available as an MU Plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/Really-Simple-Plugins/complianz-integrations/blob/master/Google%20Maps/10web-google-maps.php This integration blocks the Maps API and other JavaScript that depends on it, before consent is obtained from the website visitor. It subsequently unblocks and reloads the

Integration with Interico Maps (Advanced Google Maps)

An integration with the Interico theme Google Maps, also known as Advanced Google Maps, is available as an MU Plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/Really-Simple-Plugins/complianz-integrations/blob/master/Google%20Maps/interico-advanced.php This integration blocks the Maps API and the inline Interico script that depends on it, prior to consent from the website visitor.

Integration with ChurchThemes Google Maps

An integration between Complianz and Google Maps in ChurchThemes’ Saved theme is available as an MU Plugin on GitHub: https://github.com/Really-Simple-Plugins/complianz-integrations/blob/master/Google%20Maps/churchthemes-gmaps.php This integration blocks the Maps API and the ChurchThemes script that depends on it, prior to consent from the website visitor. For instructions on the

Integrating with wpDiscuz and reCaptcha

This article will explain a couple of adjustments in wpDiscuz and Complianz to ensure reCaptcha is blocked and unblocked correctly. This is tested with the free, and integrated version of reCaptcha V2 in wpDiscuz. What do we need to do? We need to ensure reCaptcha

Embedding Vimeo videos privacy-friendly

Hosting videos with a third-party service like YouTube or Vimeo is a great way to stream videos on your website, without carrying the server load for every view. These services are mostly free and come with another price, which is sharing your website’s visitor behavior

Custom Google Maps Implementation

Not all Google Maps implementations are the same; there are Google Maps plugins, Themes that include Google Maps blocks, different Page Builders, and manual implementations. Complianz will enable an integration with the needed adjustments to block Google Maps and set a placeholder for the most

Placeholders for iFrames

From 6.0 onward you will be able to add your placeholder in the script center directly. You’re able to block iFrames with Complianz with the built-in script center. (under Integrations). But preventing an iFrame from loading third-party cookies won’t strip the HTML from your website,

Elementor, reCaptcha and the Native Form

When configuring our plugin with the easy wizard, you will be prompted to check integrations, which are not yet scanned or found by Complianz. Sometimes you will need to enable reCaptcha if it is not prechecked by default, of course, only if you use reCaptcha

Changing the Google Maps Placeholder

Here’s how you can change your Google Maps Placeholder to match your location, and/or Google Maps style. First, a quick introduction on how placeholders are set. Video placeholders, like Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion, are downloaded to your uploads folder based on your video thumbnail created

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