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CSS Lesson #10 Adding category descriptions to the cookie banner

Multiple users have requested the possibility to add category descriptions to the Cookie banner. This can be achieved with some Custom CSS code (added under Complianz > Cookie banner > Edit > “Enable Custom CSS” > Custom CSS).

Example CSS to insert a Category description

The CSS code shown below will insert descriptions for the first three categories in the Cookie Banner.

Inserting the remaining descriptions

The provided code above inserts a description for the first three categories (Functional, Statistics, Marketing in this case). If you have more categories where a description needs to be inserted, make the following adaptation:

– Copy one of the elements from the example, and place it under the already existing elements.

– Raise the value in “:nth-child(X)” by 1. (e.g. Category 1: “:nth-child(2)”, Category 2: “:nth-child(3)”, etc.)

The final result

Don’t show category descriptions to mobile users

The below modification will refrain from showing the category descriptions to mobile users, to prevent the Cookie Banner from using too much space on the screen.

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