Integration with Woodmart Google Maps

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An integration with the WoodMart theme Google Maps is available as an MU Plugin on GitHub:

This integration blocks the Maps API and the WoodMart scripts that depend on it, prior to consent from the website visitor.

For instructions on the installation of an MU Plugin, please see our earlier article: Adding filters with MU Plugins. Quick & Easy


Note: the WoodMart Google Maps element is solely available when using WPBakery.

  • Upload the “woodmart-custom-google-maps.php” file to the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory on your site.


  • Open the WPBakery Frontend Editor and add a “Google Map” block to the pageComplianz - WoodMart Google Map Block in WPBakery
  • Hover over the Google Map and click the Pencil icon to adjust the Map settingsComplianz - Woodmart Opening the Google Maps settings in WPBakery
  • Enter your Google Maps API key, configure the remaining fields to your liking

Complianz - WoodMart Google Map settings


If your implementation is correct, you should see results like in the below video.

Complianz - WoodMart Google Map Example

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