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Consent on Scroll or Time Out has long been the domain of Opt-out regions like the United States of America. Since the addition of Australia as a region, this has changed. Australia, although primarily an “Opt-in” region does allow for an implicit Opt-in after a time out, or when the user decides to continue, scroll on the website.

How it works

Below you will find the implementation, we will explain the variables and what you can expect here. When the page is loaded for the first time, the cookie banner will show. By default, only necessary cookies are set.

When the user scrolls, or a time out is reached a ‘click’ on Accept All is replicated and the banner disappears. You can adjust the script to your own needs.

$enable_for_regions = array (‘au’) – Choose the desired regions here. (‘au’, ‘eu’) means Australia and European Union.
$consent_on_scroll = true – Set to false if you don’t want to use this option
$consent_on_timeout = true Set to false if you don’t want to use this option
$consent_timeout = 15 – Set to your desired time out in seconds. Please be aware the timer starts when the page is loaded, which is mostly earlier than interaction.

Enable Consent on Scroll and Time Out

Although available for all Opt-in regions. We recommend implementing this only if you specifically target Australia. Please use an MU plugin for best results.

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