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Configuring Autoptimize with Complianz

Autoptimize and Complianz work well together and are compatible. It might be that optimizing, and minifying javascript with Autoptimize could lead to issues in certain configurations. This is not due to the plugins themselves, but the complete configuration of all plugins and your theme. In some instances, this might lead to dependencies issues when scripts are blocked before consent, or combined javascript files can no longer be separated by Complianz.

How to check if optimizing javascript might be an issue

There’s a simple way to see if it’s javascript optimization by disabling autoptimize for a specific URL with a parameter. If for example; has an issue you can load the URL with the parameter

if it’s you can use

The parameter works

If adding the parameter works, please uncheck the following setting, if enabled, and try again.

If that didn’t work you can exclude Complianz first, and try again.

If that didn’t work you can also exclude the service that is misfiring, in this example, we use a specific javascript from Advanced Ads.

The parameter doesn’t work

Continue with a parameter by Complianz, with the same example as above. Use these parameters:

if it’s you can use

If that doesn’t work, please contact support for further assistance.

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