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Get compliant today in the European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil & South Africa with the only Privacy Suite for WordPress that offers a fully-featured plugin for Worldwide Compliance.


These are the most frequent questions and answers, Pre-Sale. Ask a question if something is missing.

Hi, does your compliance plugin work with Mailchimp and Gravity Forms as well?

Working with forms, with or without an API call to Mailchimp to add subscribers to your list ‘works’ with Complianz as well. Our wizard makes sure you configure both correctly, with the Cookie Statement and Privacy Policy both adapted to Mailchimp and your forms. You can add a consent box in our Wizard, or do it yourself with the help of our documentation. Complianz does not handle any data collected by the forms or Mailchimp. Gravity Forms & Mailchimp both have GDPR features with which we integrate, so you’re set!

Hi there, great. Tool. Happy to go premium but what I really need is an option to localize the texts.

Localizing the text strings is possible with premium. With WPML, Polylang, Loco Translate and other plugins, the default and custom strings (your custom Cookie Banner text e.g.) are available for translation. The plugin comes with 6 different default languages. When changing our default text, the strings are untranslated and you should translate them yourself.

I have my own privacy policy. The Read More should send them to that page.

Changing the link on the Cookie Banner is possible. Use this article to help with changing the URL.

I don’t want you to generate any content pages, we have a single page that covers privacy and cookies.

By default the is generated by our plugin, you can deactivate the Privacy Policy & if needed. We recommend generating the Cookie Policy and redirecting it to your preferred page. Or change the URL on your Cookie Banner and NOINDEX the Cookie Policy page. Either through a plugin like Yoast or disallow Google bots in your robots.txt. One of the main functions of Complianz is to generate policies, we would like to keep it that way for most of our users!

Is there a way to buy your plugin without being billed yearly?

Our plugin is subscription based. The reason being is that we keep developing and updating our plugin for years to come, delivering premium support along the way. We don’t have a lifetime deal, maybe in the future. Until then you’re free to cancel your subscription if you think our new features, updates and support is not worth the yearly payment.

Is Complianz available for non-WordPress websites, like Drupal or Magento?

Unfortunately, not….yet. We are firm believers a Privacy Suite should be developed to add to the core functions of the CMS in question. We have tried to isolate a core of our functions and migrate to other CMS’s, but again, being firm believers of improving upon the core, we have chosen to concentrate on developing and improving our WordPress plugin first, before ever migrating to another CMS. We just love WordPress, first and foremost!

I am using Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics (cmplz_event_functional) and for AdWords (cmplz_event_all). But in my Cookie Policy, neither Tag Manager, Google Analytics nor AdWords are mentioned. Is this correct and why?

Before our website scan can find your set , the container should be live and working. You can add your own cookies in the wizard if you’re missing any cookies, or report unknown cookies if the description are not yet filled. A Tag Manager cookie will not appear, because it’s in essence just a container with cookies from other services.

I have a website running WPML on 3 languages. I would like to know more about its integration with the Complianz cookie notice.

Complianz integrates with WPML really well. The cookie notice will appear in 6 languages by default. For custom strings, your can use WPML Translation Management or just look for your own custom strings to translate them as you wish. Also, you can use browser redirect based on language preference, so the Cookie Banner and documents appear based on the user’s preference. With GEO IP enabled, Complianz can serve Banners with 6 languages for 3 different regions, with a 4th coming. Canada!

I would ask if I could provide cookie notice in the browser language. To be more clear: if a visitor comes from Italy, I want to be able to provide information about cookies in Italian. Thanks

Yes. With the right configuration, this is definitely possible. Please read this article for instructions!

Why is the advertised price $49 for a single license where the charged price $55. There are no explanations that I can find online.

Hi, our advertised pricing is 49,- Euro for a single license and 55,- Dollar for a single license. Our currency switcher might have had a glitch in the Matrix. Sorry about that!

You have an Unlimited sites version of complianz and a Multi-site version, it this one also for unlimited sites?

Our unlimited license is for single-site WordPress installation. The Multi-site is for multi-site installations. We don’t have an unlimited multi-site license, we just never encountered anyone who had that much multi-site environments:).

I love the features that your plugin offers. I’m considering getting the premium edition and wanted to know can it work with Forminator from WPMU DEV? Also how long does it normally take to configure?

Hello! Yes it does, and depending on the complexity of your website, it might take between 5 and 30 minutes, with the latter being the most complex situation we have seen. If you’re choosing both regions you need at least 10 minutes to complete the wizard. We like playing with the A/B tests, so we take about 50 minutes every time. And end up with 10 different cookie banners.

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