The Cookie Banner

Templates and Custom CSS

Choose Your Font

Use the Text editor to select your own font or use Custom CSS to add your font with:

.cc-window {font-family: your-font;}

Simple or Categories

Bases on your Wizard answers and you Cookie Warning settings, you can choose between a simple notification or a categorized cookie banner.

Lay it out

Place the banner anywhere you like. What ever fits your website. Top – Bottom – Push it down or pop it in the center. Whatever height suits your needs.

Choose Your Colors

The possibilities endless* – choose your colors for all elements, making infinite possibilities.


Style Your Button

With a border, without. Rounded or Edgeless. Be creative.

A rounded button with border? Use .cc-allow {border-radius: 40px;} and the same background color for your banner and ‘allow’ button.

Images & Logo’s

Add your images in the text editor, make sure to test larger banners on smaller devices, to make sure they stay user friendly.

Easy A/B Testing

Don’t forget about our premium features; statistics and A/B testing. See what works! Follow consent in your dashboard and pick your winning banner!

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