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CSS Lesson #30: Removing contact details in Legal Documents

Complianz lists the necessary contact details on your Cookie Policy, so that visitors are able to get in touch about privacy-related concerns. These Contact details are provided during the Website information step in the Complianz Wizard (Wizard > General > Website information), which is also where they can be changed at any point in time.

Complianz Wizard - Editing Contact Details

It may be desired to hide a specific part of these Contact details from your Cookie Policy. Note: removing contact information from your Legal Documents should be approached with care, as displaying this information may be legally required.

While you can achieve the desired result by disabling “Document synchronization with Complianz” and then proceeding to edit the document’s content itself to remove those sections (details here:, you could instead use a CSS-based approach: which avoids having to disable the “document synchronization with Complianz”.

Removing elements from the Contact details section with CSS

Complianz adds the below classes to the individual elements of the Contact details section, which can be used to target them individually:

  • cmplz-contact-organisation
  • cmplz-contact-address
  • cmplz-contact-country
  • cmplz-contact-domain
  • cmplz-contact-email
  • cmplz-contact-telephone

For example: if you do not wish to display the Phone number field, use the cmplz-contact-telephone class to target the element. And then add this line of CSS to hide it from the document:

.cmplz-contact-telephone { display: none }

Complianz - Hide telephone number from Legal Documents


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