Configuring your cookie warning, step by step.

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Below we will go through the settings of the cookie banner, and explain the possibilities.


  • The cookie banner title is for the back-end only, mostly used to identify archived banners, or during A/B testing.
  • The text on the manage consent tab appears in the smaller banner when consent is set. 
  • The soft cookie wall. For more information or how to customize, read this article.
  • You can disable the cookie banner, during development or when you’re customizing the banner and so forth.
  • The preview in the back-end can be hidden, if needed.
  • Custom CSS can be enabled here. You will find an extra CSS block below. We will explain the possibilities later on.


  • The position will determine where the banner appears on desktop. 
  • The template is a preset of default settings.
  • When you add more text or choices to your banner, the banner will grow in height. To negate this you can adjust the banner width here.
  • You can choose between 3 options, no animation, slide-in/out or fade in/out.
  • This controls how we display your banner. It will be set to the preferred setting by default.
  • Styling of your categories. 

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