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CSS Lesson #15: Document CSS for Cookie Table

… specific CSS for the cookie list, so you can use it in Dark Mode.

Add below CSS to “Additional CSS” under Appearance – Customize, or under Complianz -> Settings “Add Document CSS“.

CSS Lesson #14: Icons in the Manage Consent button

Complianz inserts a “Manage consent” button, allowing users to change their consent preferences at any time.
Using some Custom CSS, you can add Font Awesome icons to this button to …

CSS Lesson #8 Styling your categories

For this lesson we will do two things, removing an unused category from the overview and changing the colors of the square checkboxes, both can be achieved with a little …

CSS Lesson #6 How we styled our own Cookie Notice

… same banner? Use floating right, block style, and the slider for categories. Copy/Paste below CSS and you’re almost there.

As you can see, the banner templates are flexible …

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