Enable consent on async javascript without script center

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From 6.0 upwards, these features are not directly implemented in our Script Center

If you’re using a code manager outside of Complianz to add javascript, for example, a Remarketing Pixel from Google, you need to add some code to enable consent for javascript that uses asynchronized loading.

NB. With code managers outside of Complianz, we mean either adding code yourself to the header.php or using a plugin to do this for you. This article is not for Google Tag Manager users.

Recognizing async javascript

Async scripts are easily recognized by looking at the beginning line of your javascript, for example:

Below the comment, you will find script async src=. This signifies a script which loads outside of the normal hierarchy and will load simultaneously with other scripts, without being dependent on the order.

Enabling consent on async javascript

Async scripts do not work in the script center, yet. In this case, you will add the code to your header.php, or footer if preferred. You can also use a plugin like Header Footer Code Manager. To enable consent on specific javascript, you can use the following attributes for your scripts:

For the above example this will look like:

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