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How to disable the Cookie Scan?

Disabling the automatic cookie scan is simple, go to Complianz settings and look for “Disable the automatic cookie scan.” Want to more about the cookie scan results, please read this article.

Reasons to disable the automatic cookie scan:

  • If your website is in development. When you’re testing, updating, and changing many configurations of plugins and theme settings on your website, the cookie scan will save and collect all appropriate cookies. This means you could start with a cookie policy whereby some cookies are no longer present on your website but are available in your browser. It would be preferable to either clear all cookies before going live, or start the cookie scan when development is final.
  • Closely related to the above. False positives are possible when the cookie scan runs in a fast-changing environment, for the best results please follow this article.
  • Found cookies are correct, but not yet described or there are many variations not yet combined. You can help us out at, or disable the cookie scan until they are available.

Reasons to leave it as is:

  • Simple and effective, keep your cookie policy up-to-date, which is the basis for Complianz’ consent management.
  • The first scan will collect most cookies, but some cookies are only available after an interaction is completed on your website. For example, playing a video, loading an iFrame, and other content that is only available after interacting. The subsequent cookie scans will collect these as well.
  • The cookie scan will also check your status, for example checking if your statistics configuration is still working as expected. You will get a notice if we found any issues on your website.

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