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Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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This article is related to the Wizard question:

You have stated that you don’t use third-party services. Do you use plugins that might set marketing cookies?

A quick explanation; third-party services are tracking/marketing services that set cookies on their own domain for marketing purposes. For example; Facebook, Twitter etc. These third-parties are available in the integration list of Complianz.

Some services can either set marketing cookies on your domain or in some cases use a hybrid model whereby they use your domain and their own domain for tracking purposes. Examples are Active Campaign and Hubspot. Because these services can integrate with your WordPress website in multiple ways, and in different configurations, integration with Complianz has to be done manually, at least for a part. For the above examples you will find the integrations here:

Another possibility is a plugin will use first-party marketing cookies. In this case, it might be impossible for Complianz to block these cookies without a standardized consent API. For this purpose, we created the WP Consent API, which is now on the proposed feature list of WordPress core.

If you’re uncertain which answer to give, please ask support and mention which plugin might be setting marketing cookies, and how to proceed.

As explained in the wizard. When you answer – No -, the marketing category on your banner will be removed and the activation even cmplz-marketing will not fire.

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