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Deprecated event: The cmplz_event_all will be deprecated in the future

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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Generating an Impressum

From release 4.4 onwards, Complianz Privacy Suite (Premium) offers a new document, the Impressum. The Impressum provides the required information for commercial websites that target

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Since 4.6.0, both in free and premium, you will find a browser console notice if applicable:

Deprecated event: The cmplz_event_all will be deprecated in the future.

This event, also used for Tag Manager categories, will be deprecated and replaced by cmplz_event_marketing at the end of this year. We will notify our users, before changing the event.

The purpose of this event remains the same. In Tag Manager it is used as custom event to trigger Marketing related tags. And non Tag Manager users might see in the their console log while activating third-party scripts.

The new event cmplz_event_marketing is already in place and can be used.

for more information, please contact support.


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