Configuring Matomo for WordPress with Complianz

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There are three four popular ways how to install Matomo for WordPress. We will describe below how to make it work with Complianz. Which one you should choose is based on the consequences per implementation.

  1. Using the Matomo official WordPress plugin. Available here.  You are using the Matomo official WordPress plugin. This will save all available data from Matomo in your current database, which is not recommended for medium to large websites.
  2. Add Matomo’s Javascript manually to your website.  Adding Javascript from Matomo creates more freedom, but requires some coding knowledge.
  3. Using Complianz to add Matomo for you – This will include Cookieless tracking . Adding Matomo with Complianz will make sure consent is handled correctly, as well as implemented. Changing the code, however, is more complicated.
  4. Matomo Tag Manager – How to implement Matomo Tag Manager with Complianz, read this article.

1. Using the Matomo official WordPress plugin

If you’re using the Matomo official plugin;

  1. In Matomo choose to anonymize IP addresses.
  2. In Complianz, under Wizard – Consent – Statistics, select Yes, with Matomo,
  3. Do you want to use cookieless tracking with Matomo? Yes
  4. Add the needed details like your URL and Matomo site ID
  5. Configure Matomo in the dedicated plugin. Complianz is now configured to handle Matomo as a hybrid solution, whereby cookieless is used without consent, and after consent on statistics, Matomo will add a cookie for improved data. To use only cookieless tracking and you have no other statistics scripts on your website, you can disable the statistics category in cookie banner settings.

2. Adding Matomo’s Javascript snippet to your website

If you want to install Matomo’s Javascript yourself you, please add the following classes for Complianz to recognise Matomo:

3. Using Complianz to add Matomo for you

You can let Complianz add Matomo when you have the plugin installed, or when you don’t have the plugin installed:

    • Matomo plugin installed: Use as your installation URL when asked in Complianz -> Wizard -> Consent -> Statistics Configuration. Make sure tracking from the Matomo plugin is disabled, as Complianz will add the script for you.
    • Matomo plugin NOT installed: Use the domain of your Dashboard installation

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