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Changing the default Social Placeholders

The default placeholder for social widgets and other iFrames is a single image in 3.0.10 and under. For 3.1 onwards we will split this into dedicated placeholders for the most popular socials widgets, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The default dedicated placeholder for Instagram looks like:

NB. The button which states: “Click here to accept all cookies” is missing, but will be added as an overlay when active.

Adding your own style?

Maybe you want to match the style to your Instagram account, or you website’s style. You will be able to change the specific Instagram (or any other) placeholder to your liking. We will explain how.

Adding your own placeholder with (s)FTP

For the following you will need access to you server, via (s)FTP or a File Manager with your hosting company. These are the steps:

1. We have added a filter which can override the default placeholder when you add a folder to the root of your theme’s folder. The folder should be named:

for Free: complianz-gdpr
for Premium: complianz-gdpr-premium

added to your theme’s folder it will look like this:

domain/wp-content/themes/your-theme-folder/complianz-gdpr or

2. Now you can add the placeholder you would like to override the default placeholder.

For the default placeholder, you would use ‘placeholder.jpg’. For the individual placeholder you should use ‘placeholder-service.jpg’, for example:


3. Check to see if the placeholder has changed correctly. Please make sure the “Accept All Cookies” button is clearly visible.

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