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Update Manual for Complianz 6.0

Table of Contents

Why update to 6.0?

Complianz was originally built on an open source cookie banner library and jQuery. Eventually, several drawbacks of this library surfaced: it wasn’t built for using categories for example.

We temporarily worked around this, but this didn’t result in very efficient code. To prevent creating a patchwork plugin, and allow for future GDPR changes as well, we had to re-structure both HTML and javascript. This allowed us to drop the jquery dependency as well. 

GDPR and WCAG requirements change

The latest GDPR requirements, like “no hierarchy in buttons”, and WCAG requirements, led to the current cookie banner. The new structure also allows you to completely replace the template with your own template and CSS if you would prefer so. Such customisation was difficult in previous versions.

Custom CSS

The new css and html structure may cause your current custom css to break. And yes, that is annoying.

To make the upgrade as painless as possible we added the migrate.js library (you can manage these settings in complianz/settings/advanced), which will automatically get enabled when you upgrade to 6.0. This will run the old javascript events, and add the old css classes where possible. As the structure of the banner changed, this won’t guarantee a 100% successful upgrade: please check the banner layout after upgrading. Please contact us if you need help!

And there’s the elusive ‘taste’ factor. The default design has changed, a title, logo and close button have been added. And while we prefer the new style over the old one, not everyone will like the new defaults. If you want to revert to the old style, in 6.0, again, don’t hesitate to ask us! We’ll be adding custom css lessons continuously.  

To summarise, Complianz 6.0 is an update to improve code drastically with 2 noticeable differences for our users:

Updating to 6.0 will make sure you’re ready for new features, including “Consent per Service‘ in 6.1 and many more improvements to come.

Biggest Changes in 6.0

Before updating to Complianz 6.0

The Cookie Banner will change. Even if you didn’t touch the previous settings, a small change will be noticeable, because we changed HTML as well as CSS, while removing dependencies on jQuery. This will improve performance, customization possibilities and will be future-proof. If you want to reproduce your original banner, please disable the following settings in your cookie banner settings, after the update process:

Possibilities after Updating

1. Edit after the Update Process

During the update, we automatically update your Cookie Banner to the new structure while applying your current settings. You can now use the settings to make use of the newest features or go back to your original banner. If you want to use new features, or used custom CSS, please continue this article.
Most common questions
Font-size changed for you cookie banner message? Please use some custom CSS or start over as shown below to the a new text:
.cmplz-cookiebanner .cmplz-message {
    font-size: 15px;

2. Start with a New Default

Do you have no issue with designing your Cookie Banner for 6.0? You can now reset to our 6.0 default Cookie Banner by using the “Reset to default values” setting:

3. Update your Custom CSS

If you’re using custom CSS you will need to change some classes to apply your CSS to the new Cookie Banner. Here you will find a quick mapping of the most common Cookie Banner classes between 5.0 and 6.0.
CSS Class 5.0 CSS Class 6.0 
#cc-window #cmplz-cookiebanner-container
.cc-window .cmplz-cookiebanner
.cc-allow .cmplz-accept
.cc-accept-all .cmplz-accept
.cc-dismiss .cmplz-deny
.cc-save, .cc-show-settings .cmplz-save-preferences, .cmplz-view-preferences
.cc-btn .cmplz-btn
.cc-revoke .cmplz-manage-consent
Example of changed classes between 5.0 and 6.0

4. Take advantage of the Newest Features

There is of course a good reason we changed the cookie banner and subsequent consent structure. We simplified the structure and made it future-proof. This will improve performance and create more opportunities to add new features in the future. You can now use this new Cookie Banner to start from scratch by using our single HTML template, Custom CSS to change anything you want in the modular grid or use the new settings to get what you need, for example:
  1. Add your own Logo
  2. Add a close button
  3. Add category descriptions
  4. Add a header title
Due to the modular approach, you can enable or disable many Cookie Banner settings to get the look you want.
= 6.0.0 =
* Improvement: new Script Center, with option to add dependencies and placeholders
* Improvement: complete rewrite of the cookiebanner code, faster, modular, easily customizable.
* Improvement: removed jquery as dependency from the cookiebanner javascript
* Fix: new array structure for cookiebanner settings causing error with translations.
* Fix: load tcf stub als first action on page
* Fix: catastrophic backtracking with regex on iframes that do not contain a URL, props @ajoah
* Improvement: auto consent for visits from bots

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Complianz has received its Google CMP Certification to conform to requirements for publishers using Google advertising products.