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Ultimate Addons for Elementor Dropped from Integrations – MU Plugin Available

From 6.2.5 onwards, the integration for Ultimate Addons for Elementor has been dropped from the plugin due to incompatibility issues:

  1. There were cases where Ultimate Addons for Elementor was installed, and while Google Maps was present, was not a widget from UAFE. This caused issue, because Elementor’s frontend.js was initialised to load a map that wasn’t there.
  2. For consent management purposes you would like to isolate scripts from services, so we can block/unblock without issues. In this case we need to initialise a combined script called frontend.js, which not only triggers Google Maps for example. This can cause double Lottie animations, and unforeseen side effects.

As our experience over the last years signifies this integration does more harm than good, we disabled it.

What if I want it enabled?

The integration is no longer available in the plugin, but you’re still able to use it. For this we would recommend using an MU-plugin, which is not much different than adding a snippet to your functions.php, but it’s better to organize snippets in a mu-plugin folder.

If you know what to do now, get the mu-plugin below. If you want some documentation about mu-plugins, start here (There’s an AI doing the walkthrough:-).

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