Complianz Privacy Suite

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Get compliant today in the European Union and/or in the United States, and United Kingdom with the only Privacy Suite that offers a fully featured plugin for GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA, COPPA and more!

Used shortcodes by Complianz

Why we use shortcodes We use the below shortcodes for 2 main reasons, easy updates and translations. Easy Updates Privacy Laws, especially those still in

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Review By

It’s always fun when we come across websites which have reviewed our plugin. To those in doubt, or just those who are curious, we have

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Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses are standard licenses, which can be used universally and give individuals the right to act on copyrighted materials. This includes photos, video

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When do you need a disclaimer

There are many websites that are using disclaimers. With the Complianz Premium plugin you easily compose a disclaimer that suits your needs.  But why should

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