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Privacy Laws in South Africa, the POPIA

In Complianz 5.2, we have implemented the POPIA legislation. This means that we created South Africa as a new region within our Privacy Suite, showing a specific cookie banner and cookie policy only to people that live in South Africa. That cookie banner asks for consent before first and third-party analytics cookies are set. 

In Premium, we have updated the wizards that create your privacy statement, processing agreements, and data leak reports. They now contain references to the wording and definitions of POPIA. And of course, we modeled it so they contain the latest rights and obligations following POPIA and the guidelines from the Information Regulator South Africa.  The Protection Of Personal Information Act requires that you as a website owner must search for consent from a parent or guardian if you wish to collect personal data from a child. So as a bonus, we added a Privacy Statement for children. 

With Premium, you can also choose more regions than just for visitors from South Africa. Combine POPIA with the European Privacy Laws (GDPR) or vice versa to cover all bases when accepting visitors from around the globe. Or you can combine it with the US Privacy Laws such as CCPA and Coppa. With GEO-IP we will make sure that your visitors will get the right cookie banner and cookie policy.

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Complianz has received its Google CMP Certification to conform to requirements for publishers using Google advertising products.