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(Advanced) Import Complianz Custom Events in Tag Manager

Aert Hulsebos

Aert Hulsebos


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Tag Manager is a powerful tool when managing cookie consent with Complianz. To get you started we created a container with our variables.

What you will find in the export:

  • Trigger: Functional Cookies – a custom event to trigger your anonymous statistics and other functional cookies. These will be set before consent.
  • Trigger: Statistics – a custom event to trigger services which are categorized as Statistics.
  • Trigger: Marketing – a custom event to trigger services which are categorized as Marketing.
  • Bonus: Tag: Anonymized Google Analytics tag triggered by our Functional cookies custom event.

When to use:

This export works if your cookie banner will have the above categories. If you have more or less categories, please make sure the categories on the banner will trigger the right custom events in Tag Manager. For example, when you add another category:

  • Trigger: Functional Cookies > Custom event = cmplz_event_functional
  • Trigger: Statistics > Custom event = cmplz_event_0
  • Trigger: Social > Custom event = cmplz_event_1 Add this custom event. we count upwards from zero for every category. 
  • Trigger: Marketing > Custom event = cmplz_event_all

If you know your way around Tag Manager, please download our simple set-up below.

Starting with a new workspace

When you start a new container, or workspace. You can import this container in the admin area. You can start adding services and linking these to the triggers we provided. Also, when you need Anonymized Google Analytics, please configure your UA Code in the Tag. If you do not, please remove the anonymize fields under settings and go from there.

Overwriting current workspace

When overwriting an already configured workspace, please export your own container before overwriting your workspace with the new tag and triggers. When tested, it will overwrite correctly, but being certain you have a back-up is better!


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